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RoomMate welfare sensor

RoomMate is an intelligent welfare sensor and a complete rethink within welfare technology. RoomMate is wall-mounted, and will automatically alert when it detects a number of critical situations.

RoomMate includes an IR-based depth sensor that generates two types of images:

Depth image Intensity image

The IR-sensor is completely independent of daylight, and works just as well during both day and night. A powerful built-in computer analyzes the images, and they form the basis for anonymous computer graphics that can be used for remote supervision as illustrated below:

Standing Sitting Fall detected!

The images show how RoomMate automatically detects a person (shown in blue) and raise the alarm if he or she falls to the floor (marked in yellow). In addition, RoomMate can send status information about whether the person is sitting in a chair, lying in bed etc.

RoomMate can alert staff or relatives via SMS or email. Anonymous video can be accessed using a standard web-browser on a computer or smartphone. All access is encrypted, password protected and logged for privacy reasons and privacy by design has been a key element during the development phase. RoomMate can also be integrated with existing nurse call systems, which will handle all the alarms and remote supervision. The user does not need to carry equipment on the body, and RoomMate can easily be mounted on the wall. Communication with the outside world is done via the Internet using Ethernet, WiFi or mobile data.

  • Digital supervision directly to a PC or smartphone with anonymous images
  • Automatic alerting when a person falls
  • Automatic alerting if the user leaves the bed and does not come back within a given time
  • Flexible wall mount

RoomMate is a future-proof solution and is continuously updated with new functionality.


Technical specifications:

Size (l x w x d) 192 x 99 x 53 mm
Weight 800 gram
Mount Wall mount included
Technology Active IR sensor
Field of view Horizontally: 75°
Vertically: 56°
Diagonally: 94°
Range 8 meter
Interface Ethernet / WiFi / 3G / 4G
Power supply 110-220 volt AC
Temperature 0 – 40 °C
Humidity <80% relative humidity
IP-class IP42
Protocol Web/SMS/MMS/e-mail or existing nurse call system

Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous product development and improvement.