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What benefits can you expect with RoomMate?

We asked some of our customers which benefits they indentifies with RoomMate. Norwegian speech with English subtitles.

Hvorfor RoomMate? fra RoomMate hjelpevideoerVimeo.

Municipal apartment – Stjørdal municipality, Norway – put into operation May 2019

“Resident had frequent supervision due to severe epilepsy and risk of falling during the night. Care staff checked in every hour. After RoomMate was installed, night supervision is done digitally three times every night, otherwise only on alert. Resident don’t feel monitored and even thinks he has got better private life and more coherent sleep after the sensor was installed.

Employees may check in without disturbing and can take action quickly if needed. Employees think RoomMate is a practical and good tool for night watches. RoomMate offers increased security for residents, relatives and employees. Countless systems has been tried out in the past to detect falls without offering the same security that Roommate provides.”

Bente Stenseth Kristoffersen
Department manager, Stjørdal Municipality

Vea care home – Municipality of Karmøy — opened March 2019

RoomMate sound alert
“The patient is very pleased with the RoomMate system. The patient has struggled to press the alarm button to call the staff. Now the patient can get help when needed, not having to worry about being able to reach the alarm button. The extra alternative makes him feel safer. The relatives have also provided positive feedback.

The nursing staff find that the system has made life easier for the patient and made it easier to call for assistance when needed.”

Dan-Arve Stavenes Halnes
Nursing / Welfare Technology Consultant, Municipality of Karmøy

St. Hanshaugen, Oslo — dementia housing — opened August 2016

“When the project started, we needed night shifts equivalent to 2 man-years. With the use of RoomMate, we could streamline, and the regular night service receives alerts if something happens.

The ten persons who live here would have to move to a nursing home if we hadn’t had this technology. Throughout the period we have worked well with the supplier and had the opportunity to customize RoomMate for each user.”

Each person now gets what he or she needs, giving relatives reassurance and more peace of mind. ”

Bilde av Svein Rune Bjørkmo

Svein-Rune Bjørkmo
Chief Advisor, St. Hanshaugen, Oslo

VG News, Oktober 10, 2016

“Old people with dementia can still live in their own apartment thanks to digital surveillance. And it’s far from a horror scenario. ”(Watch video and read the article on VG news).

Ulstein municipality — care homes — put into operation January 2017

“Our goal in Ulstein municipality is to get a more efficient health service, and we have an open discussion around these issues”

“Without this technology Ulstein municipality would need an extra night watchman, at a cost of NOK two million a year”

“Instead of routine checking, often resulting in waking up the residents, they are now able to sleep peacefully and get help only when needed.”

Bilde av Marit Botnen

Marit Botnen
Health manager, Ulstein municipality

Skien municipality — dementia care in nursing homes.
Put into operation January 2017

“What we see is that the number of cases (residents falling) is half of what we had the previous year.”

“We map the needs much better now, we observe better.”

“Night watches no longer do manual supervision, but check in digitally. We carry out manual supervision if the resident is ill. The night watchman saves time which can be used for other tasks.

“Some residents have received markedly improved sleep quality as they are no longer disturbed by night watches”

“Employees, relatives and residents indicate a very high sense of security.”

Kristin Onsrud
Nurse, Klyvetunet, Skien municipality

Home service East, Bodø municipality — put into operation February 2017

Digital supervision at night can help the resident get a more coherent night’s sleep, which we see the effect of during the day. The resident is not disturbed to check if they have left the bed during the night.

This is an aid that allows both the user and their relatives to be assured that we are notified in case of a fall, regardless of whether the user is able to notify us or not. This welfare technology not only benefits the operation and the staff, but also the resident and their relatives.

Mariell Waleniussen Borge (department manager) and Kristine Anita Storå (nurse)
Home service East, Municipality of Bodø

Atea shows welfare technology in Welhavens gate — St. Hanshaugen in Oslo, March 2017

10 apartments are designed for people with cognitive impairment / dementia in this apartment building in Welhavens gate, Oslo. Replacing nursing home life with new ways of living can give more people an independent life, and at the same time have security and a life in a community.

In this video you will meet Astrid who lives in Welhavens gate. Watch and hear her story (3 minutes video).

Sykepleien 21 Sept. 2017 on welfare technology

Kristin Mehre in the National Welfare Technology Program feels that municipalities still holding back should learn from those in the lead (click on the picture to read the article).

Smart home concept in Alta Municipality — TV Nord, 20 October 2017

(Watch video on Altaposten News, 12 minutes)

Rauma health center — Norway’s most modern health center, March 2018

Get an insight into welfare technology functions in the new Rauma health house at Åndalsnes, Rauma municipality (see video, 3 minutes).

Senior home in Nordre Aker in Oslo, April 2018

Senior residences with tomorrow’s digitization solutions in Pastor Fangens vei 22 in Oslo (See video, 3 minutes).
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Demo installations

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